Agile software development

High-quality, custom software that boosts your business.

Flawless Code specializes in providing cross-functional teams of best in class software engineers in a wide range of skills, knowledge, and abilities. Our teams are very experienced in scoping, setting up and delivering complete software development journeys for European companies.

What we do

  • Application development in .Net, JAVA and PHP, both frontend and backend.
  • Frontend web development (JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue JS).
  • Mobile app development for iOS apps (Swift or Objective-C) and Android apps (Kotlin or Java).
  • UI / UX design to give your users a relevant experience.
  • DevOps for managing your applications in the cloud (AWS, Azure, Google).

How we do it

We are agile and do Scrum based 2-weekly sprints and deliver working software at the end of each sprint. We demonstrate the result to you and your stakeholders, so you can see on a regular basis where the project is going and can make adjustments in a timely and controlled manner.

We do our daily stand-ups often together with the customer, keeping the relationship close and personal. Refinement sessions with the product owner, which Typeqast can provide if your company does not have one, ensure that we develop the features in the sprints that have most business value for you and that they meet your needs. Each of our sprints ends with retro to make sure we keep improving as we go.

Scrum is our way of working, your success is our goal!