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How we work
how we work.
LifeSal is a free mobile app made in Slovenia, designed and targeted towards smarth phone users (iPhone, HTC, Samsung ...).
Useful features:
Save it, weather and mood, medication and contraception reminder, you location and pharmacies near you, period calendar, calorie counter, body mass index, mobile pharmacy...
Sou lj
The app is an interactive link between you and the Student Organization of the University of Ljubljana.
Monitor events, parties, education, welfare, culture, sport, international events, institutions, public tenderings, radio, map of the faculties, student dorms and libraries.
Maribor live
Maribor Live
An app designed for the city of Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia. Maribor is the economic and cultural center of the northeastern Slovenia.
Borut Pahor
Borut Pahor
My election campagin is supported by people who come knocking on my door, call me, people who meet me and together we encourage eachother. The app will offer you an inside look at my ellection campaign.You will be the first to be notified about the most recent events and information. You will be able to share the campaigns messages and events with your friends, colleagues and family. Keep an eye on the events near you, so you can come and meet me. Stay informed on where I am, and where I will be in the near future.
We will succeed. Together.
Borut Pahor
We have developed a software, that provides television broadcasters interactive participation with the audience.
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